Guangdong animal medicine and natural medicine engineering technology research

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President Chen warmly welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister on behalf of SCAU. He pointed out that China and Netherlands enjoy broad prospects for cooperation especially in the field of agriculture. As one of the oldest agriculture and forestry universities in China, SCAU shares much in common with Netherlands universities. He hopes that both countries can enrich understanding and reach consensus on an all-round, multi-dimensional cooperation in areas such as agriculture and life sciences, horticulture, agro food, animal sciences, environmental protection and health through this visit.

Mrs. Schouten thanked SCAU for the warm hospitality and shared her opinions on issues like the current trend of the world agricultural development, smart agriculture and sustainable healthcare. Meanwhile, she briefed the audience on the application of big data and other modern technology to product quality control, industry transparency and protection of consumer interests. She also encouraged the cooperation between Wageningen University and SCAU.