Guangdong Technological Engineering Research Center for Pet

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Based on the College of Veterinary Medicine of South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Technological Engineering Research Center for Pet was certified by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong province in October 2015 as the pet engineering technology research and development institution and talent training base of Guangdong province.


The engineering center has four research directions:(1) pet disease diagnosis technology research;(2) chemical drug research for pets;(3) biological drugs for pets and Chinese veterinary research;(4) formulating relevant industry standards.


Based on the technical needs of the pet industry development in Guangdong Province, the Engineering Center integrates the superior resources of clinical veterinary medicine, basic veterinary medicine and preventive veterinary frontier technology to carry out related technical research on pet disease diagnosis and treatment and industry standard formulation,tosolve the clinical problems of deficiency of biological agents and chemicals,insufficient research and development ability and single outdated pet clinical diagnosis technology,to carry outprofessional technical training for practitioners,and to improve the professional quality of relevant personnel.We devote ourselves togive full play to the role ofinternational window role in pet clinics in Guangdong Province, and to enhance the Pearl River Delta's international reputation in the field of pet diagnosis and treatment.


The director of the center is Professor Li Shoujun, and the deputy director is Professor Guo Shining and Associate Professor Sun Lingshuang.