Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Prevention and Control for Severe Clinica

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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Prevention and Control for Severe Clinical Animal Diseases was officially established in August 2013 with the approval of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In this laboratory, we studied the pathogenic ecology and epidemiology, the fine structure and function of pathogens, the comprehensive prevention and control technology of major diseases, and the emergency treatment technology, so as to promote the development of animal clinical disease prevention and control research in South China.


The laboratory has four research areas: (1) Pathogenic ecology and epidemiology of major clinical diseases in animals; (2) Functional genomics and proteomics of pathogens or major effector genes of major clinical diseases in animals; (3) Comprehensive prevention and control of major clinical diseases in animals; (4) Response of major clinical diseases in animals Urgent treatment technology research.


There are 27 staffs in the laboratory, including 11 professors and 12 associate professors. Technical personnel with senior titles accounted for 85%, and mid-level titles accounted for 15%. 35-50 years old staffs accounted for 45%, 26% below the age of 35.All laboratory personnel have master's degree or above, researchers who earn doctoral degrees account for 90% . Technical personnel with overseas research background account for 74%. There are distinguished professor of Zhujiang scholars in Guangdong higher education institutions and the winner of the Supporting Program of Excellent Talents in the New Century of the Ministry of Education. Doctoral and postdoctoral mobile stations are available.


Since its establishment two years ago, the laboratory has taken the major clinical diseases of dairy cows, beef cattle, pets, equines and wildlife in South China as research objects, by functional genomics and proteomics methods and so on. Besides, aiming at the comprehensive prevention and emergency treatment of zoonosis, our laboratory covers 3000 square meters, involving 850 square meters of the core experimental area, 2000 square meters of the R&D base area, and 600 square meters of animal hospitals. There are many well-equipped advanced instruments, including more than 30 sets of equipment above 100,000 yuan, more than 100 sets (pieces) above 50,000 yuan, and other small-scale instruments and supporting facilities of whose total value is more than 4 million yuan. Since our establishment, the laboratory has obtained 7 national research projects, 20 provincial research projects, supported more than 13 million scientific research funds.

Our laboratory has published more than 50 scientific papers, including more than 30 SCI papers including Lancet (IF = 45.2), Cell Research (IF = 11.9), CID (IF = 8.9) and EID (IF = 6.8) and so on. Besides, we have organized and attended international conferences, and been invited to deliver the Keynote Speaker speeches at international conferences. Since now, our team has won 3 provincial and ministerial awards, 5 patents, 3 authorized patent inventions, 2 patent transformations and 3 new veterinary drug certificates, and guided clinical production practice creating 2 million yuan profit.


The director of the lab is Professor Li Shoujun, the deputy director is Professor Tang Zhaoxin and Professor Yang Shihua.