National Reference Laboratory of Veterinary Drug Residues (SCAU)

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Relying on South China Agricultural University (SCAU), National Reference Laboratory of Veterinary Drug Residues (SCAU) was established in 2005 which was approved by Department of Agriculture with government investment of 22.7 million RMB. The laboratory shall meet the requirements of laboratory management standards (GLP and GCP), conform to the international standard of residue laboratory, and become the authoritative institution for national research on veterinary drug residue, formulation and review of veterinary drug residue testing methods, and evaluation of veterinary drug safety.


The research group mainly focus on following fields: (1) new methods and standards for the detection of veterinary drug residues, pharmacokinetics and residue elimination of new veterinary drug and its preparations in target animals; (2) formulation and revision of the maximum residue limit of veterinary drugs and the drug withdrawal period in animal food; (3) research on the impact of antimicrobial drug residues on gastrointestinal flora, and methods to formulate MRLs and risk assessment by using the minimum inactive dose and sensitivity of antimicrobials to bacteria; (4) formulating and organizing the implementation of residue monitoring plan with assistance for the bureau of veterinary medicine of the ministry of agriculture, and coordinating the monitor and detection with provincial-level residual laboratories; (5) undertaking the final arbitration inspection of related residual items; (6)organizing comparison tests and standard method assessment tests for provincial-level residual laboratories regularly; (7) organizing and participating in business training of relevant international organizations , and undertaking technical guidance and personnel training for provincial-level detection units of veterinary drug residue; (8) establishing a national database of veterinary drug residues, popularizing relevant international monitoring information on residues, and conducting academic exchanges at home and abroad.

Professor Zhenling Zeng is the laboratory director, Professor Yahong Liu and Professor  Xianhui Huang is the assistant director. The laboratory covers 2100 square meters, and the total value of the equipment is more than 20 million RMB. The laboratory has 26 fixed members, among which, there is 13 professors or researchers including one privileged professor of Yangtze River. Some fellows are awarded as National Outstanding Young Scientists of China, Young and Mid-aged Scientific and technological innovation leading talents by Ministry of Science and Technology. There are programmes for Ph.D degree and Master degree in Basic Veterinary Medicine and animal pharmacy. The laboratory possesses one mobile postdoctoral station. The research team of animal antibacterial drug safety evaluation was successfully selected into "innovation team development plan" of the ministry of education in 2013, and it was selected to the innovation team of the ministry of agriculture in 2015.