National Laboratory of Safety Evaluation(Environmental Assessment)of Veterinary

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Relying on South China Agricultural University (SCAU), National Laboratory of Safety Evaluation (Environmental Assessment) of Veterinary Drugs (SCAU) was approved by Department of Agriculture with government investment of 10.49 million yuan in October 2007. The laboratory established the experimental functional areas, including veterinary medicine physical and chemical properties and residual analysis laboratory, general toxicology laboratory, aquatic organisms(fresh water/sea water) and soil microbial safety evaluation laboratory, oil artificial climate and aquatic organisms simulation area, veterinary medicine environment behaviour laboratory, cell and molecular ecological toxicology laboratory, and ordinary and precision instrument laboratory, etc. Eighteen standard laboratories cover an area of 1549.5 square metres, in addition, rebuild ten-thousand level animal experiment laboratory, aquatic organisms and soil experiment standard laboratory, etc. cover an area of 106 square metres. There are more than 90 precision instruments ,such as high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) , gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS), Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, Automatic thin layer scanning chromatograph, antibiotic titer tester, solid phase extraction system, and microbial identification drug sensitivity analysis system, etc.

According to good laboratory management standards (GLP) and evaluation system, the laboratory carries out research and assessment on environmental safety of veterinary chemicals. By regulating the use of various animal products, the laboratory aims to reduce veterinary drug use, release and residue to the environment, and ultimately to protect the safety of the ecological environment and human health. The research groups have carried out the eco-toxicology research and risk assessment of veterinary drugs and organic additives, such as organic arsenic additives, CuS04 and ZnO additives, fluoroquinolones, florfenicol and colistin, etc. The team obtains a series of innovative research results and has formed its own research characteristics, with a leading level of depth and strength in China. The laboratory has 12 fixed members, among which, 10 are professors/researchers. All have many years of research experience in veterinary pharmacology, veterinary drug residue or veterinary drug safety evaluation. The programmes for Ph.D degree and Master degree are in Basic Veterinary Medicine and animal pharmacy. The laboratory possesses one mobile postdoctoral station.

The laboratory director:Professor Zeng Zhenling

The deputy directors:Professor Liu Yahong ;Professor Sun Yongxue